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Both called and calling parties shall receive a voice message indicating maximum call duration has been met and that the call will terminate. Time duration must be programmable in one-minute increments from three to sixty minutes.

Prison Phone Justice

The rep must be able to distinguish such signal from line noise such as pops or clicks, i. The called party simply dials a single digit DTMF code once the message that the call received is from an inmate facility and the calling inmate name is played. A record is generated and the system administrator is notified of the blockage. The system automatically blocks the call. The administrator may change the denial operation at any time via the administrative terminal. This call shall not require the use of voice identification or PIN, but shall be recorded. When the fIrst call is complete, the phone becomes inoperable until it is placed on-hook again.

The facility shall be bquipped with manual hand operated cut off switches and software controlled disconnect. The manual switches shall override any electronic or preprogrammed on-off parameters. Switches shall be installed in a controlled area Presumably the Control Room if not currently installed and available.

An officer from The State of New Hampshire Department of Corrections shall be enabled to shut off individual phones, all phones in a POD or all phones at the facility with mechanical switch s. Software controlled switching shall be accessible from AdministrativelInvestigative PCs.

Voice recognition alone is not an acceptable alternative, but may be used in conjunction with the Contractor services. II Call Sequence This section defines the sequence of events for an inmate call. Caller lifts handset. Caller receives a repeated message to choose between English, Spanish or French, each in the appropriate language.

Caller enters PIN number. Caller receives repeated message to indicate that number entered was number desired. Caller presses a DTMF key to continue the call, or a different key allowing the caller to re-dial the number. Caller receives message to state his name. Caller states his name. Message is played to the caller, indicating an acceptance or rejection of the call attempt. If the ill is rejected, the phone will be disconnected. Inmate dials number. Receiving party telephone rings. Receiving party answers call.

Receiving party hears a message in English, Spanish and French indicating that this is a call from a correctional institution located in Berlin, New Hampshire or other proper prison location and, plays the voice recorded name of the inmate, and provides information on how to accept or reject the caller. The calling party is not cut through until the call is accepted. The caller only hears a repeated message that his call is being processed. Both parties hear a message that the conversation is subject to monitoring and being recorded.

All messages up to this pomt shall be repeated twice prior to hang-up. Every six seconds throughout the call the inmate hears a recording tone and randomly the called party receives a meSSl'lge thi'll the cftll hmi been pIdGed from This is inclusive of call detail records and acUJal voice recordings. Contractor shall provide computer, hard drive, software and interface to Contractor network to insure 24 hour operation enabling simultaneous access from any AdministrativelInvestigative PC. Back-ups shall be performed weekly. All records older than 6 months shall be routinely backed-up tape, CD or other pennanent record media.

The Contractor shall provide copies of all calls on standard readable format at the end of contract. The intent of this item is not to defme the Contractor's physical facility or mode of operation, only the end user call performance. If the Contractor fails to meet this requirement, upgrades to facilities will occur until acceptable operation is noted. A failed trunk shall not inhibit the use of any telephone. Use of dial-around carrier selection shall be restricted. The State shall receive such including all software and peripherals as considered inclusive in the system.

The State shall not be held responsible for any damage to equipment. All call records, call recordings and related records shall be State property and remain with the State at the termination of any contract. Contractor shall maintain and repair any failed hardware or software throughout the duration of any resulting contract.

All costs for related services shall be paid by the Contractor. Call records may be available only after the completion of caUs. Recording shall begin with the detection of an off-hook condition by the called party. Recorded calls must be easily retrievable and achievable on audio compact disks; Monitoring provided on a per call, dialed number, all trunk, scaIllled trunk or on demand basis; monitoring may be done on either live or previously recorded calls; Investigator notification via out-dial pager number or telephone number for watched call dialing imnate dialing of defmed telephone number or dialing by inmate per PIN.

Continuous recording of all telephone calls. Disks shall become the property of the Department of Corrections once recorded. Training shall take place at each facility with AdministrativelInvestigational pes. Training shall take place one week prior to system turn-up, the day of turn-up and 14 days thereafter to insure a thorough understanding of the equipment by prison employees. Training shall take place during each of three daily shifts as defined by the Department of Corrections.

Each administrator shall be provided complete sets of training material including manuals and other materials.

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Inmate and Pay Telephone Services Page 15 of41 2. Personnel must be immediately accessible bye-mail, fax and telephone.

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Classes shall be a minimum of two hours each, and be provided for each of the three employee work shifts. A minimum oEtwo classes shall be held per site for each shift at the discretion of the Department of Corrections administration. Additional training shall be available on an as needed basis to allow training of additional State staff at any time during the contract.

Contractor must utilize complaint forms similar to the sample presented in Attachment B Inmate Telephone Trouble Report or similar fonn approved by the State. Any failed service or service feature must be corrected within the timeframes stipulated in section 2. Responses to trouble calls may constitute a site visit for the week providing all equipment on the site is inspected and additional repairs are made as necessary.

All costs quoted in Exhibit B shall be maintained. The State shall not be responsible to pay for, or maintain, any service, including maintenance and support. Contractor must establish and maintain all such accounts as requested by customers at the Contractor's expense.

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Contractor shall be responsible for all communications with customers. In all cases, only costs defmed in Exhibit B Pricing shall apply. No additional surcharge, one time purchase charge, account set-up fee or other related fees shall be charged for this service. Contractor shall allow called parties to pre-pay for calls received by them from inmates, or assigned to inmate accounts for calls to selected parties. Contractor shall offer discounted prepaid call services through a prepaid debit system.

Contractor shall be responsible to contact any such cllstomers regarding service operation and tenns. In all cases, no additional surcharge, one time purchase charge, account set-up fee or other related fees shall be charged for this service. Contractor shall not add any additional charge for minimum balance accounts. All accounts shall be created within the next business day of the receipt of payment from the customer.

Automated system balances shall be provided by the Contractor in order to allow customers to determine remaining account balances. Service shall be available 24 hours per day l 7 days per week. Inmate and Pay Telephone Services Page 16 of41 Accounts shall be tenninated immediately when requested by a customer, with remaining balances forwarded to customers within 30 calendar days of customer request.

Prepaid and debit calling services shall be only allowed at the discretion of the State. Contractor must obtain State approval prior to implementing any such services. Services shall be modified to meet State requirements prior to approval and implementation. All prepaid calling and debit service calls shall be included in caHreports provided to the State.

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Services shall be activated only at the direction of the State. All software and related hardware shall be maintained by the Contractor throughout the duration of the contract and any extension thereof. Report shall be due within 14 days after installation with updates provided whenever changes are made. The Contractor shall not be responsible to negotiate leases for the required space to mount telephones. Service requirements include all requirements noted in section 2.

Stations must be designed for use in high traffic areas. Telephone stations must include stain resistant casing, metal armored handset cord, moisture resistant keypad and concealed fittings to prevent tampering. Posting shall at a minimum, be written in English, French and Spanish. No additional digits shall be required other than to reach emergency services. Service must also allow dialing of any additional nIl service without restriction. Irimate and Pay Telephone Services 2. Contractor shall reimbmse costs offailed calls directly to users. The Contractor shall clearly and concisely identifY procedures and time schedules prior to service.

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All telephones and services shall be installed and operational on or before August 22, Any additional telephones shall be installed within 14 calendar days of request by the State. All scheduled interruptions shall be coordinated with the State contact person five business days prior to scheduled interruption. The Contractor shall be required to coordinate all activities with existing Contractors in order to maintain a smooth transition of service. Contractor shall insure that no telephone bank shall be left without one operating telephone.

The Contractor may limit incoming call dtrration to ten 10 minutes or more per call. The State shall define which phones require this service. Directory shall be that of a local telephone directory provider. Account Management and On Site Administrators shall be available during State business day hours of a. Eastern Standard Time. All other Contractor support personnel shall be available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The Account Manager shall be responsible to review all contract requirements and ensure that all terms and conditions are enforced.

Manager shall accept additional service orders, verify billing, adjust billing errors, verify payment, regulate, and deliver, required reports. A single point of contact shall be designated, responsible and accountable for all service and contractual matters. The representative must be trained in conducting site visits to ensure proper installation and provisioning. Personnel must maintain equipment manufacturer and BleSI certification. Post Installation Support personnel must be trained in the continued operational support of all services provided by the Contractor.

Notification to the State shall be made prior to the next scheduled return to duty. Such personnel shall also notifY the State ifthey have any relative or acquaintance under prison supervision. Administrators shall be present at work locations from Monday through Friday, a. Administrators shall be Contractor employees trained to operate all functions of system administration and responsible to input any and all information required for irunate accounts, telephone call records and recording. Administrators shall be responsible to implement service changes, system updates and repair processes.

The Administrator shall also support Investigators in the operation ofthe Contractor systems and creation of ad-hoc reports. All requests for operational support activities shall be completed within 48 hours of request unless longer time periods are requested by the State.. Administrator shall abide by all Department of Corrections regulations inclusive ofthe policy defined in Attachment E. Such list shall be forwarded to the State and updated as changes occur.

Each employee's name, date of birth and social security number must be provided to the State. No ContracTor employee shall be allowed on a job site withoutfirst obtaining such clearance for the life ofany resulTing ContracT and eXTensions Thereof These terms are inclusive of any subcontractor or other personnel providing services at State facilities. The determination of acceptance shall be solely the State's decision.

The Contractor shall replace any such employee working at such locations as directed by the State. The State shall not be responsible to justify this action to the Contractor or Contractor employee. The ID shall be worn by all Contractor employees while servicing the State. The State shall retain the right to disallow service and site access to any employee not displaying an ID badge.

All costs or acquiring such badges shall be solely borne by the Contractor. English as a Major Language All Contractor and subcontractor personnel interfacing with State employees shaH be fluent in the English language as commonly used in business. Any Contractor and subcontractor employee who cannot be understood by State employees shall be removed from the State account and replaced with acceptable personnel.

The following items apply. Page 20 of 41 3. Contractor employee shall foJlow the instructions of the escorting staff or report immediately to the closest available staff. If unsure of any policy and procedure, ask for assistance from a staff member before proceeding any further. Maintenance of a discriminatory work environment is also prohibited.

Everyone has a duty to observe the law and shall be subject to removal for failing to do so. Contractor and all employees thereof agree to the following DOC defmitions of Contraband. Inmate and Pay Telephone Services 3. Travel onto prison grounds shall constitute implied consent to search for contraband. In such cases where implied consent exists, the Contractor andlor visitor shall be given a choice of either consenting to the search or immediately leaving the prison grounds.

Nothing in this rule however, prevents non-consensual searches in situations where probable cause exists to believe that the visitor is or had attempted to introduce contraband into the prison pursuant to the law of New Hampshire concerning search, seizure and arrest. An ' All motor vehicles parked on prison grounds shall be locked and have the keys removed. Custodial personnel shall check to insure that vehicles are locked and shall visually inspect the plain view interior of the vehicles. Vehicles discovered unlocked shall be searched to insure that no contraband is present.

Contraband discovered during searches shall be confiscated for evidence, as shall contraband discovered during plain view inspections. All persons entering the facilities to visit with residents or staff, or to perform services at the facilities or to tour the facilities shall be subject to having their persons checked. All items and clothing carried into the institution shall be searched for contraband. All Contactor agents, acting through the Contractor organization shall not discuss any confidential or privileged information with family, friends or any persons not professionally involved with persons under the supervision of the NH Department of Corrections.

DOC staffis fully aware that if they are approached by anyone outside of the NH Department of Corrections' employ who requests information, they are to immediately contact their supervisor and the appropriate NH Department of Corrections' staff.

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Any violation ofthe above may result in contract cancellation and any and all contractual obligations. Contractor shall provide services based upon a call access fee fixed cost to complete a call and per-minute fee where applicable. Calls shall be categorizecll by call termination location as follows: Local Exchange Calling: Calls made within the local exchange of the telephone, consistent with services provided by the current Local Exchange Carrier for that location. Only an access fee shall be charged for the first five minutes of calling.

Per minute fees after the first five minutes of calling may be charged. Contractor may charge access fee and per minute rates. Non-Contiguous US State Calls: Calls outside of the contiguous states of the United States shall be the lowest charged to any Contractor customer for calls of same type to same location. No additional rates other than that charged per prevailing law in the country of call termination shall be charged.

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No per minute charge shall appl y. Rates shall be exclusive of state and federal taxes, PUC or FCC charges and, charges of other regulating government agencies. Quoted rates shall include all other call costs, and be fixed for the duration ofthe contract. Failure to comply with these requirements shall constitute contract default. Per minute rate charges shall be based upon chargeable time. In all cases, chargeable time begins when call connection is established between the calling telephone and the called telephone.

On person-to-person, third party and collect calls, chargeable time begins when cOlmection is established between the calling person and the particular person or station specified by the caller. Chargeable time shall end when the calling telephone hangs up thereby releasing the network connection. Call establishment costs shall only be charged for completed calls to the intended telephone or party. No charges shall result from incomplete or unanswered calls. Calls resulting in connection to answering machines, voice mail or similar services shall be billable if reached from a pay telephone.

Inmate telephone charges shall not result due to the positive call acceptance requirements defined within this contract. No payments shall be due the Contractor by the State. All fees for services shall be charged to patties for receiving or initiating calls. The Contractor shall make monthly payments to the Department of Corrections for inmate services at the Department of Conections locations based upon the following table. Payments shall be made to the State for pay telephone services based on service month, starting on the 23 rd of the month, ending on the 22nd of the following calendar month i.

August 23 through September 22, September 23 through October 22, October 23 through November 22, etc. Pay Telephone commission payment shall be determined by address "owner" of telephone location. Commission check delivery location may change dependent upon alterations in State policy or legislation. Only costs as noted below shall apply.

Contractor shall not be allowed to charge additional processing fees including one-time account start-up fees. Paragraph 8 of the forgoing contract shall be modified to include the following language, as full satisfaction of the contractor's obligation under that paragraph. Paragraph One copy to remain with site contact. One copy to be retained by Contractor.