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Add a shared mailbox to Outlook

Restart the program by closing it entirely once and then reopening. But be careful: Outlook may be set up by default so that clicking close does not mean exiting the program. It continues to run in the background and is simply no longer directly visible to you. You can find out whether this is the case in your system tray. If the Outlook icon is still active there, it means you have not closed the program. Look at the visible and hidden icons.

If Outlook does not respond to your attempts to close it, you can also force this through the Task Manager. Follow these simple steps:. Sometimes Outlook can become overwhelmed with the mass of stored e-mails and information it contains.

Open and use a shared mailbox in Outlook

What sometimes helps is to narrow down your search terms. For example, if you use several e-mail accounts on Outlook, you should select the relevant user account before searching. It may also be helpful to restrict your search to just a specific folder , e. If the Outlook search function is still not working, you can restart your PC.

If a restart does not solve the problem, you can then try to repair the program virtually. You now have the option to uninstall or modify the program.

Outlook Shared Mailboxes: How to Use and Configure Them (and Resolve Synchronization Issues)

Make sure that your Outlook program is up to date. The updates are done centrally through the Windows update. To decipher whether this is the case, check for available updates. Some third parties have developed add-ons that can be integrated into the Outlook program. To resolve this inconsistency, you should disable any third-party tools that you install later.

If the add-on was the reason for the Outlook search function not working, it should now work. Outlook has an index that is structured like a data catalogue. It combines all important terms in saved e-mails. This allows users to find specific messages just by entering a search term. To find out whether this is the case for you, you need to check the indexing options. To do this, proceed as follows:.

In addition to e-mails, this also includes appointments, contacts, or notes.

Shared Mailbox Support Soon for Outlook Mobile - Office for IT Pros

The program manages and stores all data in the PST file like a virtual filing cabinet. Outlook requires at least one PST file , but can easily separate several of these files. For example, if the user distinguishes between private and business e-mails , Outlook creates two different PST files in its index. If you suspect that one of these files has become corrupted, you will need a tool to repair your inbox.

Outlook has already integrated the scanpst. It detects whether a PST file is damaged and then repairs it. The following steps will help you repair a PST file :. In some cases, however, scanpst.

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This process takes some time and is not intended for short-term problem solving. If you need your computer to work immediately, you should do this at a later time. Every Microsoft Windows PC has a registry. These are called client-side rules because they work in the Outlook client app. For that, you need server-side rules , which work on the server that handles your mail regardless of whether you have Outlook open on your computer.

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This is because you are limited to actions that can be performed by the server. The rule is added to the list of server-side rules and then will be run regardless of whether Outlook is open. You can add as many of these rules as you like. You could use them to change the importance of messages from specific contacts or that contain certain words in the subject.

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